Trish HudspithI live with my husband, Matty, in the outback town of Richmond in North Queensland, where I help my parents to run the local post office.

Richmond is a friendly town of about 650 people and 350 in the surrounding area. The Marine Fossil Museum, Kronosaurus Korner is a big attraction for tourists and Lake Fred Tritton is a pleasure to all who use it – not to mention the fantastic photo opportunities to be had, especially at sunrise & sunset.

My family moved here from Tara in 1965, when I was in Grade 1. After I finished school, I worked in the Richmond / Nelia districts as a governess before I moved to the Mackay area with Matty.

In 1985 we moved back to Richmond after our second child was born. We now have 3 grown children, all of whom are getting on with their own lives – and what a reward that is in itself…

I have had lots of hobbies over the years, pottery, patchwork, leather work & scrapbooking to name a few. One of the things I enjoy most about them was getting together with other people doing workshops and sharing ideas.

In 2002 I did a weekend photography workshop with an SLR camera, which I had borrowed from a friend. Having known nothing about SLR’s before the workshop, I came away with a taste for this serious side of photography and it wasn’t long before I was the proud owner of my own SLR camera - a Nikon D70s. I have since upgraded and am now the proud owner of a DSLR, my Nikon D300 and all the lens and gear that photographers just can’t live without.

Since that first workshop in 2002, I have done lots of reading on the subject of photography and a few more workshops learning all the time, but it’s getting out there with my camera at the different sporting events that I can see an improvement in my images.

About 5 years ago I started taking photos at social and sporting events around Richmond and received lots of requests from people to view and buy photos. The number of requests has grown rapidly to the point where I now need a website.

So… after lots of contemplation, the Trish Hudspith Photographics website has finally come to life.

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